35 years

HartenI remember it like yesterday. I fell in love. Crazy, butterflies in the stomach, sleepless nights, everything passed. I knew her already somewhat longer, but after we had a chance to really talk to each other, I knew it for sure. This was my mate, I would never find anything better.

Marian was her name, 17 years old, handsome, blond, cheerful and with a good sense of humor. And as soon turned out, with more than enough Friesian blood in her veins to tame a quirky figure as me. I then still had to be 21 years, but gladly surrendered. Even so much that I seriously began to think and work at a common future.
One thing leads to another. On March 13, 1980 we were married. We rented an apartment and at the same time I started to work for the government. And when we shortly afterwards also could buy our own (small) home, the risk was present that the future was already mapped out for us.

Fortunately Marian had also constantly a tendency to look forward. And because, despite a lot of practice, she didn’t became pregnant, we decided to emigrate to New Zealand. About 20,000 km away. With that you indeed leave your family behind, but we just wanted to see ourselves what life was on the other side of the world.
That required some preparation, but eventually almost everything was settled. At that moment Marian however came with the announcement that eventually she was pregnant. That cancelled the move to New Zealand since there you needed to work both, at least for the first years. A disappointment, but we got with Michael a beautiful son in return.

However, we were restless. The choice for us was either no risks and remain in our familiar and trusted environment, or we could look over the horizon. And we knew the answer, because when I was approached by the province of North Brabant to setup the supervision of a law for swimming pools, we had not to think for long. This time it was a distance of only about 100 km, but it was for us unknown area of the Netherlands. It suited us down there, because in the meantime we live there nearly 25 years.

For better or for worse, in sickness and health, poverty and wealth, for ever and ever. We are now six different homes, six different jobs, three private companies and also six dogs later, and we have been through all that together.
And today is March 13, 2015 and I’m still in love. Utterly. Because I have been fortunate (sorry for all the other men) that I could marry the most beautiful and sweetest woman of this world. My best friend ever. For me, Friday 13th March 2015 is a lucky day.

4 comments on “35 years
  1. Bert Smolders says:

    Wel gefeliciteerd allebei en nog zo verliefd! Mooi en geniet nog jaaaaren van elkaar.

  2. John en Miranda says:

    Snik, wat prachtig geschreven! Alweer 35 jaar getrouwd vandaag, neem samen een wijntje van ons Enne PROOST!

  3. marian says:

    Shit, love you to

  4. Greet says:

    Met zoveel gevoel geschreven….echte echte liefde! Van harte gefeliciteerd en het zou absoluut fantastisch zijn als het nog heel lang kan duren. Dikke kus jullie beide!

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