There is always new hope!

imageIt’s recently a weird time. In any case intuitively, because I had no idea what the reason was.
There are no scheduled operations and the recent surgery heals properly, so that’s not the problem. And yes, it’s holiday time, but as unemployed patient that also makes very little difference.

What different was, or better said is, are the negotiations conducted with a party who want to take over the business operations of Marian. Including my son Michael, who, since my illness, as the sole employee had to carry the load. At first sight you should think that’s very positive, but it’s also the only source of income we have. And that means that we somehow have to include sufficient insurance in order to continue our living. And that’s not easy. In short, it means many sleepless nights and a lot of thinking. With a happy coincidence that in these negotiations we can rely on the support of a good friend and business associate who also enjoys the confidence of the counterparty.

I do not know if it also unwittingly plays a role, but suddenly there seems to be more obituaries of GIST patients than usual. Worldwide, there is a lot of information exchanged at special forums and Facebook, and involuntarily you cling thereby to the positive messages. The people who respond well to surgery and medicines and therefore continue to live without too many problems, sometimes for years. But now suddenly some names fall away. People who have fought to the last, but had to give up the fight. With whom, in some cases, albeit via the Internet, I even personally had contact. And these messages bring you back to reality. With both feet on the ground.

Now there’s nothing wrong, to occasionally ponder about it. The death is part of our existence. As long as you keep yourself positive. How difficult that sometimes is. Giving up is not an option and as long as there is life there is hope. So we’ll just smile and continue breathing.

And then yesterday finally an expected call from Michael. His girlfriend Anouk has given birth to a healthy son. Our first grandchild. An heir who is forming the next generation and who hopefully may experience that GIST and other nasty diseases belong to the past. Maybe even that wars and terrorist attacks belong to the past, as well as poverty and hunger. An utopia? An unrealistic dream? Possibly for some, but if you believe in it, then basically anything is possible. Perhaps not by us, but then through the next generations.
Watch out world, Sam Rens Stender is coming!

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  1. Justice says:

    My prbleom was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

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