Why this blog?

I regularly wrote about my experiences as a GIST patient in a blog. That worked very therapeutic, but often I also got very positive reactions. Not only from peers, but surprisingly even from not GIST patients. They were very interested in my life and my disease. And I realized that every GIST patient (and immediate family) has his own stories, which are very remarkably, informative, emotional or otherwise.
And so the idea arose to combine those personal experiences and stories of GIST’ers to create more, easily accessible, public information. Not only for GIST patients but also their families, friends and others. And if multiple GIST’ers contribute, you soon create a “Reality blog”.

This blog is open to other GIST patients, independently or through national GIST contact groups or Gist organizations like the Life Raft Group, GIST Support etc. In short, for every GIST patient in this world!
For optimum accessibility all posts can be contributed in their own language  (which will get therefore its own direct access).

René Stender (Netherlands)


For more information you can contact me at:
Tel. +31 (0)73 55 30 668


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