A closed chapter

hoofdstukThe post last Friday was without a doubt the most difficult one I have written to date. Do not give up, keep going. It’s easier said than done. But altough it had to come from my toes, eventually I managed to put in a positive sound. And maybe even a little bit of humor. The first step forward was set.
So you think. But the next day you soon notice that that piece of renewed confidence was actually was extremely thin and quickly disappears.

Both Marian and I feel like riding a roller coaster and regularly dive into the valley, to slowly scrawl out again. Sometimes a word or gesture is enough to help each other to get forward. Sometimes you stay there a moment longer, but eventually we always managed to stand up again.
And fortunately we does not have to do it alone. There are a lot of encouraging responses from family and friends. For me personally the messages of two other GIST patients, who understand better than anyone else what we feel, give me new confidence. All in all, there is a continuing encouragement to constantly look up.
We can not express our gratitude for this in words, but it helps!

OK, the first medication did not work as expected. A lifeline in which you put much faith, is unexpectedly removed. Too bad, but alas. Fortunately there is a backup, so on to the next lifeline. We start looking for new energy. And that is just home delivered the next day. My sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their three children come for a visit. Including their stunning baby twin. We planned that visit some time ago since it was for several years that we had not seen each other. An appointment that you really do not cancel without good reason.

And look, it changed the atmosphere at home in an instant. Children, excited and cheerful. Positive energy in a handy format, and that is simply brought into your house. We could use that and we have tanked it all. So that we can bring the next message with a positive content again. We thank you all for your support!

2 comments on “A closed chapter
  1. Greet says:

    Lieve lieverds, ik kan me maar een klein beetje voorstellen waar jullie doorheen gaan, weet ook niet goed wat te zeggen…..dat is de onmacht van degenen die aan de zijlijn staan. Daarom is het inderdaad heel fijn dat jullie steun krijgen van lotgenoten. Ik maak een diepe buiging voor jullie voor de manier waarop jullie dit traject ingaan. Klinkt misschien een beetje dramatisch maar is heel erg gemeend. Dikke kus voor jullie. X

  2. Michael says:

    Dank je. Ook dit helpt ons!

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