A simple GIST surgery – the end

ThuiszorgI’m about a week in hospital and frankly they have done not much more than to flush the wound. Not a bad word about the treatment and the many individuals involved, but as a patient you do not experience that as an exciting and stimulating environment.

They come apparently to that conclusion themself, because unexpectedly a doctor declares that it is decided that homecare must be able to take over this treatment. With one important addition. In consultation with my oncologist it is decided that I should stop the use of Sutent. Because this medicine prevents the growth of cells, whereas I just need the growth of new cells. A necessary choice between two evils.

However, after that the machinery is set in operation. The Radboud UMC arranges home care, the supply of a hospital bed that can be placed in the living room and all the papers, plans and the first necessary bandage necessities. That goes fast, because the next day Marian and Michael can pick me up and I’m going home, again!

In the living room, I plop fully exhausted directly into bed. Fantastic! Three overprotective dogs who, on the one hand not really know how to handle the situation, but otherwise are very happy that the boss is there again. One by one, and each in his own way, treat me me careful. Duvel, the eldest, has enough to be cuddeld and after that guards my bed. For Andor, the youngest, is a little bit harder. Happy! Happy! Happy! And still be careful… It comes from his toes, but he manages it. Rohan actually reacts most remarkable. He is sitting quietly next to my bed, watching with his wise eyes it is wether he looks directly my soul, and then concludes that it is all in order. The boss is maybe still not the old one, but it will come.

I had no idea what I was supposed to expect from home care, but that also goes smoothly. I understand that in total there are about 10 nurses (fortunately not simultaneously) and each of them is providing the best wound care. Every morning, afternoon and evening. Three rinses seems also to be my limit. After a rinse, I am completely exhausted and need time to recover. In itself it’s strange, because I have nothing to do and only be a object that is present. And each and every one of those nurses do it even calmer and with more attention as in the hospital.

The only thing we (well, I must say Marian) must take care for, is that there are sufficient bandage materials present. This sounds simple, but not every pharmacy seems to have everything, and she has soon a full-time job there. But that is the only frustration. During the day I’m lying in the living room and in the evening I climb up the stairs and sleep in my own bed. Next to Marian. Sometimes happiness can not be expressed in words.

After a week we return to the Radboud UMC for a first assessment. And nothing but satisfaction. The wound, even I can see that, looks pretty. Thus the edges are slightly more drawn to each other and it is decided that the number of rinses per day can be reduced to two. That gives me in any case rest in the afternoon rest and also the possibility to work at this blog. And simultaneously they arrange a better delivery of the bandage materials. Marian can order them via the internet and that gives her more rest.

And now? Wait and see. Simple as that. Nature must do its work and we will regularly need to visit the Radboud UMC to monitor progress. Hope that everything is rapidly closing, so I can quickly continue with my chemo again. That could take weeks, but we remain optimistic.


2 comments on “A simple GIST surgery – the end
  1. Greet says:

    Heerlijk dat je weer thuis bent bij Marian en de honden, maar wat een gedoe! Ik begrijp dat het niet anders is/kan en ik neem dus maar weer een hele grote pet af voor jou met je onvergelijkbare humor en onnavolgbaar optimisme waarmee je deze toestand benadert. Niet minder respect voor Marian die van hot naar her vliegt en jou absoluut inspireert om op bijkans luchtige wijze in het leven te staan. Het kan niet anders dan dat jullie ook wel eens een “dip” hebben. En iedere keer krabbelen jullie er weer bovenuit. En nu maar duimen en hopen dat de wond snel dicht gaat en je weer verder kunt met de chemo. Dikke kus voor jullie. XXX.

  2. Michel says:

    Knap die positiviteit, petje af we waaien binnenkort weer eens binnen bellen natuurlijk van te voren. geniet van de honden en natuurlijk van Marian. groetjes

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