A “dog lesson”

hondenlesThere are still a lot of problems to come this year. We know that for a while and it makes that the strength to continue is sometimes hard to find. You have to stay positive, believe that a solution is found everywhere, but occasionally it is damn hard.
However, the inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected sources.

Duvel, our oldest shepherd dog, didn’t play anymore for a long time now and slept much, but he still ate well, walked effortlessly, and also still barked in the garden to passersby.
Until a few weeks back he suddenly barely could stand on its feet. He just stared apathetically into space, with its head down. When he walked the coordination was gone and he bumped against every obstacle. He did not eat and he let the stool go where he was at that moment.

In short, a pitiful dog that barely responded to your voice. Our conclusion was that he probably had a stroke. For a dog of 13.5 years this was not entirely unexpected, but we decided to watch it for a little while. Who knows if he would recover.
But actually he only deteriorate further. So it was decided that Marian and Michael would go with him to the vet. Frankly, we were assuming that this would also be his last visit to the vet. I already had said goodbye to him.

To my surprise, however, they came back with him. With a box of antibiotic pills. Because the vet had examined Duvel and found a possible infection and suggested to try this first. With great success, because within days he was completely rejuvenated. It was the old Duvel again, or rather completely renewed.
Duvel, the somewhat staid, quiet dog had in fact suddenly discovered that he also has a well hidden playful side. Which usually is suddenly manifested in the evening when he, to their surprise, is challenging the other dogs to play. Well, he can not hold that attitude for more than 15-20 minutes, but during that time, Duvel, who was until recently almost dead, is acting again as a young puppy.

The moral of this story? Even when you’re on the edge and there is nearly no hope, something unexpected can happen that makes you again moving to the right side (with thanks to an older, somewhat crazy black Belgian shepherd dog).

2 comments on “A “dog lesson”
  1. eefke says:

    Wahaha. ja honden. Ze doen je vaak versteld staan. Goedzo Duvel!

  2. Leentje says:

    Geweldig toch, die Belgische Duvel! Dat die zich niet zómaar laat afvoeren en z’ n baasje (én wie dit ook maar leest) een goede les geeft in positivisme. Bedankt Duvel en we nemen der nog nen Duvel op, schol René.

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