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Health careAt the recent elections in the Netherlands, it was clear to me once again that I see things quite different than before. Not that my views have changed, but I am amazed more than before about the fanaticism that people adhere to a particular idea.
Of course, in politics and especially in the run up to elections, certain positions will be more explicitly highlighted and magnified than happens in normal daily life. But when you hear and reads the responses, you doubt whether those who are allowed to vote realize that as well.

An entirely new subject for me, but which I obvious personally now strongly feel involved, is health care. Countless people complain bitterly about the deterioration of our health care system. About the budget cuts and all the suffering that it causes. Now I’m in that respect become an expert by experience, and I have unfortunately also experienced the failure first hand. Indeed, if I had a better follow-up after my first surgery, it would be uncertain whether I even started this blog. Since I had simply continued with my life.
But it’s no use crying over spilled milk, and although in reality it’s gone differently, that does not mean that I therefore have problems with health care in general. I just prefer to look ahead and see that my situation, compared with other people on this earth, is certainly not the worst. About the care and treatment in the Radboud UMC I am in any case very pleased and for that matter grateful that I live in the Netherlands.

The thing that in that light is however nice to deal with, is that a national organization of health services knocked at the door of Marian her company, because they were interested in the Ambla System software. For reason that with it safety in numerous healthcare facilities can be better controlled and monitored . And that is then again nice, because this software was originally derived from the ideas that I have gained from my work in swimming pools.

What is suitable for a swimming pool, can apparently also be used for a healthcare facility. Even more remarkable was that the ministry that deals with new legislation for swimming pools only after much insistence admitted that this software indeed plays a central role in the daily operations of swimming pools regarding hygiene and security. While the ministry that deals with the same subject for all healthcare organizations confirmed that role immediately and spontaneously.
Whether this means that the Ambla System will not only be used in swimming pools, but also going to be used in health care, the future will tell. It would in that case be remarkable that it follows the same path as I do.

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