Live sucks

unhappyIt’s not just that you have cancer. That in itself is bad enough, but it also has an impact on your life. Private as well as business. In my case, it meant that I could not practice my profession anymore and since I had my own business, it meant in effect the end of my working life. With all the unpleasant complications incurred in that respect and which among other things means that you have no financial income.

Luckily we had a few years ago established a second company at the name of Marian. A software company, for which we knew it would take time to create something of it. My son Michael has become its employee, and that gives us luckily a great support. But this company is thereby suddenly forced to take care of all income. And there is much more coming at Marian her shoulders, things I could do before, but not anymore. And if  at this narrow base unexpectedly one of the largest customers, which accounts for about 30% of the annual turnover, fails to pay, you get a moment you no longer fancy.

Last weekend was such a moment for Marian. The emotions came free and you feel very helpless. You have each other, you support each other, but sometimes you can stand it anymore. It’s all so unfair. So undeserved. So unexpected. And yet, you still need to go further. Cry and carry on. And fortunately we can do it together. You scrambles to your feet, hold each other tightly and you go on. For there shall surely be ever again a ray of hope visible?
So today there is not an optimistic end of this post. That have to wait to next time.

One comment on “Live sucks
  1. Miranda Kemper-Nobel says:

    Waarom is het leven altijd het meest oneerlijk bij de liefste mensen. Sterkte en een dikke kus van ons.
    Groetjes van Miranda.

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