How do you discover your GIST tumor

ontdekIn my case it was, for the first tumor, pure coincidence.At the end of 2009, I felt in the evening in bed that there was something in my stomach that wasn’t there before. A hard object. At first you give it little attention. I had no physical problems and felt healthy. But after a while you start to ask yourself why that “something” didn’t disappear. And so I went to my doctor. Who only could confirm that there was indeed “something” in my body that didn’t belong there.

Examination of the blood showed also no abnormalities. And then you finally end up in the serious medical circuit. Several visits at the local hospital for an ultrasound, X-rays and various types of scans. After which came the final conclusion, that it was probably a tumor near my stomach. But at that time nobody could tell me what type it was.

When they failed to take a biopsy internally through my esophagus and my stomach, it was decided to remove this tumor surgically. But, so I was told by an enthusiastic doctor, it was most likely a GIST tumor. And that occurred in the Netherlands only about 200-250 times a year. He was almost dancing with pleasure that he got the opportunity to work at such a tumor. Because of that reaction, naive as I was, I thought that the severity also wasn’t a big poblem. For me it was the first time I ended up in the hospital and I still trusted the professional expertise of doctors. In other words, I let it all happen. In hindsight, a big mistake. And yes, in retrospect, we know evertything better. But it is no use crying over spilt milk… and therefore this is also a message with a sequel.

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