How old?

Gezicht“One of the side effects of this new drug is that your hair becomes gray,” said the oncologist a few months ago. With the addition that if I wanted to keep my hair color, I could of course paint it.
I fortunately not have that urge to vanity, but it made me curious but how this becoming gray should develop.

Fortunately nowadays selfies are a great way to make a quick photo. And I also placed that photo as a profile picture on my Facebook page. And thus noticed indeed, especially in the morning when I looked in the mirror, that I gradually began to be grayer. My beard clearly at first, but also the hairs on my arms are now almost completely gray. For the hair on my head the progress was for myself more difficult to see, and so a photo was needed again. Showing indeed that there I also become grayer.

So far, otherwise nothing special. But that changed when I thought, “Would I now seem older?” Hard to say that about yourself, but recently I read that Microsoft already had anticipated this question and developed a solution. You can upload a photo on after which the age and sex of all faces in the picture would be recognized and the age indicated.
However it appears that profile pictures are not recognized, so I first had to find a picture where my complete face is visible. And I found one, where Marian and I are standing together.

The outcome? I indeed look a “bit” older. Because according to this program I have the face of someone of 83 years old, while according to my passport – and my mother – I’m actually 59 years.
Marian, on the other hand, is 56 years of age, but was indicated to an age of 49 years.

Although today I was told by my sister that also according to my mother I’m looking old now, as an optimist I only see real benefits. Firstly, as GIST patient you not directly expect to achieve 83 years of age ( however, my grandmother achieved the age of 95, so I still have a challenge ahead of me).

Furthermore, it is undeniable and absolutely indisputable that wisdom increases with age. In other words, I’ve just gained in a few months a wisdom of almost 25 years. If you read the coming time more profound and especially perceptive comments in this blog, that is hereby accordingly explained.

Last but not least, I share in this way my bed with someone who is about 34 years younger! That’s a phenomenon you otherwise only see with movie stars and rich people. I’m however not famous or rich (on the contrary), so this must be real love…
All in all, I do get gray, but can not really complain!