What difference?

DiscriminationI am opposed to discrimination. In any form whatsoever, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, it does not matter. For me everyone is by definition equal. In find it in fact very difficult to imagine that there are people who might think differently.

We are, after all born as we are and were not allowed to have any input or influence. So how can we blame others that they are different?
There was every chance that it could happen to us and than we could possibly been the victim of discrimination ourselfs. And because we surely didn’t want that, you don’t want it for someone else. Simple.

However, perhaps even more than before, when I look around me, I notice that many people think otherwise. And often it’s a subject that no one rather like to talk about. Because they are afraid that the other person maybe is holding a different opinion. And before you know, you are in a conflict, so it’s better not to talk about it at all.
But that kind of sensitivities do not interest me anymore. It may sound harsh, but why would I not identify what I see? Whether you do something with it is still your own decision, but in my blog, I’m allowed to let you know how I think about it.

What you very often see in case of discrimination is that a lot of the arguments are generalized. For example if you have met a not so clever Belgian, that means they are thus all stupid. And if you say something about that, then they will always tell you that it was only a joke. Yeah of course, but especially here in the south of the Netherlands I actually met many people (including several civil servants) who really believed it. And even found it a justification to not consult with a Belgian company. All to my amazement, because the first Belgian I met, was really very clever. And although later revealed that they were not all the same, I am absolutely convinced that they are certainly not more stupid than the average Dutchman.

Another form of discrimination, which fortunately is gradually decreasing but still exists, is the fear of a different sexual orientation. For me really incomprehensible, what harm can it cause? He or she is homosexual. So what? I know plenty of people who are gay and usually they are more willing to help than most heterosexuals. And what do you mean by a differently thinking? Marian and I had truly historic evenings with a few lesbians, where the tears of laughter constantly were running down our cheeks. Each of them ordinary pleasant, helpful, nice people, in which was no threat whatsoever. And you should judge them because they …? Come on!

And to end this blog today, looking down at another gender is also such a remarkable phenomenon. For example, I notice often the (supposed) superiority of men over women. For example, the idea that men can drive better than women. Reason why they always sit behind the steering wheel. According to them even must sit, even on vacation for many hours, because “she” is unable to. And when you don’t believe me, ask her yourself! No, indeed, now she really not dare to drive. You find it strange? Because after all those years she never had the chance to gain experience. Continuously pushed away by a confident cock. “He likes it so much, so I let him have his way”, they will tell you. Yeah, long live the emancipation ladies!

I’m at least glad that I’ve always let Marian drive. From the beginning, because I was during my work enough behind the steering wheel. And if I’m honest, she is a better driver too. Although she has no sense of direction whatsoever, but precisely because of that she is more cautious in traffic. And she drives everywhere. In the Netherlands, France and even in Britain, where everyone stubbornly continues to drive on the wrong side of the road.
Men, women, homosexuals or foreigners? I’m just glad that all these differences are there.

6 comments on “What difference?
  1. Bert Smolders says:

    Ook uit mijn hart gegrepen deze blog maar waarom rijden de Engelsen dan hardnekkig aan de verkeerde kant van de weg. Daar kunnen ze echt niets aan doen, ze weten niet beter.

  2. Michael says:

    Geen idee. Ik heb het ze wel gevraagd, maar ze blijken dus ook geen Nederlands te kunnen praten. Je verstaat er werkelijk niets van. Eigenaardig land, maar wel mooi!

  3. Leentje Schepers says:

    …” want de eerste Belg ……….dat ze zeker niet dommer zijn dan de gemiddelde Nederlander.”…….
    Niet dommer dan de gemiddelde Nederlander??? Merk ik hier een beetje discriminatie, minachting voor het ‘domme Belgske” ??? Nee, toch? Wij móeten zo zijn anders hadden jullie toch geen reden om Belgenmoppen te maken.

    • Michael says:

      Haha Leentje, het is hoe men het leest. “Zeker niet dommer” kan uiteraard ook inhouden dat ik ze dus eigenlijk slimmer vind en daarmee is dit (althans voor een Nederlander) nog best slim geformuleerd… 😉

  4. Leentje Schepers says:

    Ik zie dat jij nog best een slimmerd bent, fijn, en ook zin voor humor, nog fijner.

  5. René Stender says:


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