Listening to life

listening-to-lifeSince I started with this blog, I have posted in recent months more than 60 messages. Every day a new story. Which has given you an insight into my life as a GIST patient.
Writing this has proved, in any case to me, to be a way to, in a personal manner, share my emotions, frustrations, setbacks and highlights, expectations and musings on the past with others. To make thereby especially clear what a huge impact that single message “it’s cancer and terminally” has on your life, your family and your future.

However, in these months the urge to write daily is gradually diminishing a bit. And then you come to understand that you want to prevent that writing this blog becomes a rut, a kind of “you must”.
If only because I have from childhood a healthy allergy against those words “you must”. (This is thanks to my parents, because they have always taught me that everyone is equal. In other words, if you want something from someone else, then you should just ask. And what is true for others, thus also goes for myself. I don’t should do something, I could do it because I want it myself).

Not that I have now lost my inspiration. Far from it, and I’m also still not finished with this journey. Probable that point is only reached when this body and mind stop permanently. GIST is in my body and will always be there. And I will do everything in order to postpone that final point as long as possible.
There are anyway still more than 30 different topics on my list of notes. And it is expected that in the coming period, the developments, both personally and medically, provide even more than sufficient new writing material. Nevertheless, I decided to reduce the frequency of this blog somewhat.

If you were accustomed to daily visit this blog, it will mean that there will not always be something new. However, the easiest way for you is, if you have not done that yet, to subscribe via the menu of this blog. I that case, there will be an automatic mail message, containing a direct link, when a new post is inserted.
And, as always, do not hesitate to react through this blog or through my mail: It are these reactions that give me the positive stimulus that I need myself.

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