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vampier-bewegende-animatie-0063Pay attention: This blog post contains some bloody texts and may therefore not be suitable for young readers, unless they are accompanied by an adult who’s responsible for them.

Outside the weather is inclement and the temperature is around freezing. At least, it seems so, because in reality it is 14 °C and in house about 21 degrees, but I just feel cold. Cold chills, one side effect you can not get used to. Remarkably, I have significantly less problems with it when I can sit in the sun. A matter of feeling, therefore, but with that quite similar to other, sometimes subtle distortions of my senses. Such as:

Eyes: broken capillaries in your eyes give you at times a look that would be envied by the average vampire. It happened mainly when I used Sutent. For yourself you have little trouble with those bloodshot eyes, but it’s not reassuring for a partner. Especially if you’re just licking your lips and casually remarks that you’re a bit hungry. Dracula would be proud of me.

Nose: blow gently, my mother used to say. But sometimes you forget that. Then, as a man, you produce a loud trumpet tone whereby elephants in the wider area are alerted of your existence. Obviously pointless, because the number of stray elephants in the Netherlands is approximately nil. Moreover, you are immediately punished by a spontaneous nosebleed. And especially with Glivec the latter surely happens with some regularity. To remain here in the vampire sphere, you create your own blood tap facility. No idea what Dracula would think of that.

Mouth: in this case, the taste. For me, personally, especially a Sutent effect. I could then still taste the stronger flavors, but now with Glivec, the taste is back again. Remarkable because taste is linked to smell, but has probably no relationship with the bloody nose. In short, I can smell more and the food and drinks taste better. But not everything. The blood taste coming from my nose might well remain hidden. So, therefore not a real vampire.

Ears: this turns out to be a bigger problem. I already had a hearing impairment. Or rather two. First of all, for many previous years a continuous beep (also known as Tinnitus), but you get used to it (at least I do). But besides that also hearing loss. What at a given moment has been corrected with a pair of hearing aids. Problem solved, except that I think that both Gleevec and Sutent also had a negative effect on my hearing. Because when over a period I took no medication, my hearing improved a bit.
On the other hand, life becomes now nice and quiet of course.

Is all this a problem? No, these are the smaller inconveniences where you have to deal with it, and with a little effort you can often still see the humor of it. At least, I try, because I can not change it anyway. And now that I think about it, it would not surprise me if even Dracula applies the same philosophy of life.
However, with one important difference, I’m still fully alive…

One comment on “My senses
  1. Michèle says:

    You are very funny René 🙂 Recognize myself in the eyes of vampire, sometimes the nose too, and my mouth is …ah…after Gleevec, Taxol in IV, and now Sutent…oh…we won’t talk about my mouth ;-).
    You made me smile, I needed it! Thanks!

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