Aunt Corrie

AuntI had seen her a few years ago at the funeral of my father, but not really spoken. It is the youngest sister of my father and thus formally an aunt, but one that I had never considered as an aunt, because the age difference between us is not really big. And yes, we have occasionally contact by phone, but the last time we really spoke to each other was nevertheless some 30 years ago. That can happen, even in a relatively small country like the Netherlands, if you live in the south and she in the north.

However, she wanted to see us again see in person. And in this case a third time is lucky, because the first two visit attempts were not successful. The first time because the train brought her only halfway the country, before it decided not to continue. Because there was some snow on the rails (why does trains in Canada, Scandinavia or Switzerland never have such problems?). And the second time because she was forgotten when descending a staircase that there was an extra step, and as result of the subsequent crash she broke her collarbone. But yesterday she stood at our front door. Arm in a sling, and accompanied by her daughter as a private driver.
One piece of energy and unbridled optimism. I can not describe her otherwise. After she had heard with interest my story about the GIST tumors, she emphasized immidiately the importance to look positive at the world. See especially the good things, problems are there to be solved and especially continue to believe in yourself. It was brought with gusto and I could only agree.

Look, she said, you come like me from a family that always tries to see the positive side of things. And if necessary is willing to to fight for it. A quality that you do not have to find or to develop because it is already in your genes. In your DNA. Indeed, the same DNA that now shows a deviation that causes that GIST.
As she talks about this, her daughter sit beside her nodding in agreement. And, strange as it may sound, you feel at the same moment a flow of positive energy going through your body. Of course, we just go for it!
If she’s gone again on her return trip to the far north, I notice suddenly that I hardly feel tired. While that otherwise always happens after a long and intensive visit. No doubt this is due to the aunt-effect. An effect that recalled my DNA once again that there is always hope. And gives me the strength to search for it.

2 comments on “Aunt Corrie
  1. John en Miranda says:

    Hoi, wat heerlijk dat je een tante Corrie hebt, van zulke mensen krijg je alleen maar energie! Probeer je vooral te omringen met mensen van wie je ( jullie) energie krijgt… niet van die slurpers, daar heb je nooit wat aan!
    Wederom weer een mooi geschreven stuk, af en toe lees ik ze weer terug. Fijn dat je een uitlaat klep hebt gevonden.
    Groet Miranda

  2. Michael says:

    Klopt Miranda, en het leuke was dat deze energiestoot ook nog gewoon werd thuisbezorgd

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