Which side effects?

BijwerkingenAt this moment I am for a week without medication. A strange feeling when you always used it very punctual. It sounds maybe weird, but I even miss it. Anyway, tomorrow I will start with the new drugs. While I wonder what then the side effects will be, I realize that I probably soon will forget the current side effects. So that I can not compare whether they are worse or less. But look, once again this blog offers me the solution. I only have to write them down. And therefore, here are the side effects that Gleevec has given me:

  • Cold shivers: especially if what I get tired;
  • Cramp: fortunately only occasionally at the sole of my feet;
  • No feeling in limbs: only for two toes;
  • Deafness: What do you say? Oh yes, but I already had a hear problem, which is now only slightly worse;
  • Diarrhea: variable, but I do see the toilet several times a day;
  • Dry mouth: sometimes for weeks and then again weeks without;
  • Fatigue: without doubt, but after the last surgery it was suddenly gone;
  • Hair Loss: only slightly at the left eyebrow;
  • High blood pressure: yes, but now under control;
  • Joint pain: sometimes and especially at the ankles;
  • Loss of concentration: regular (what was the question again?);
  • Loss of taste: yep, I lost some taste;
  • Loss of energy: quite, I feel like an old guy;
  • Nausea: only once in the beginning for a few weeks and then no more;
  • Rash: sometimes a small spot at the left temple and left wrist;
  • Rumbling bowels: almost continuous, with a sound like a fast approaching storm;
  • Watery and puffy eyes: quite, I feel like being a leaking tap;
  • Weight gain: average (I think).

Actually it was not too bad. In total, I count 18 side effects. I wonder what Sutent will bring me…

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